Crane & Gantry Systems

Crane & Gantry Systems

New Systems

ACDC Cranes have the ability to design, install, gantry systems complete with New Overhead Cranes to individual customer specification. We have set our standards high using the highest quality of products using Verlinde crane kits.

Crane & Gantry Systems


  • Gantry LOLER inspections
  • Gantry Line and Level surveys
  • Gantry point cloud survey

Surveys utilising laser scanners, can capture environments by collecting millions of precise measurements in a matter of minutes.

These measurements or vector coordinates are then pieced together to form what is known as a “point cloud”. A Laser scanning survey is currently the most accurate and efficient form of reality capture, and by far obsoletes traditional surveying methods across a broad range of construction design needs. We have developed various methodologies to streamline the way the data is collected and how it is processed. Due to the efficient workflows we’ve developed, we can be extremely competitive as our on site time is heavily reduced compared to many other surveying companies.

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