Range of manual and motorized jib cranes

Handling facilities made-to-measure for each workstation is indispensable and enables production halts caused by using the overhead travelling crane in service in the workshop to be avoided. VERLINDE offers you a wide choice of rugged, eye pleasing designs and high performance jib cranes equipped with the full range of EUROCHAIN, EUROBLOC or EUROLIFT hoists.

Product presentation

Whether wall-mounted or on mast posts, jib cranes are rational and low-cost handling facilities the installation of which does not require any modifications to the building. They are compact, whilst at the same time enabling loads to be moved in every direction. They can be used in every sector of industry : foundry, boiler plating, mechanical engineering, paper making, etc. They are the ideal companion for overhead travelling cranes covering the workshop as a whole. They increase the autonomy and efficiency of every workstation.

Technical characteristics

  • All-steel design in compliance with EN13001 standards
  • IPE section or EUROSYSTEM hollow section jib arm, withstanding torsional stresses
  • Manual trolley with underhung hoisting tackle delivered as standard equipment on hollow section boom
  • Service temperature: -10° to +40° C
  • Presentation : shot-peened frame, primer coat and glossy yellow topcoat
  • 24-months warranty on the paintwork in accordance with Re3 check procedure
  • IP54 switchgear

The range

Available as wall-mounted, column mounted partially slewable and column mounted 360° slewable.

Commercial Documentation
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