Smartphone application for remoting EUROBLOC VT

ExpertCare 4.0 is a VERLINDE smartphone application enabling the remote display of information from floor level of the MT4 electronic monitoring module of EUROBLOC VT wire rope hoists mounted on overhead cranes.

Product presentation

The immediate advantages are partly the simplicity of the tool that allows the display of information on a smartphone or tablet run on Androïd or iOS while the operator stays at floor level and partly on savings made on resources as the use of an inspection platform is ipso facto no longer required for such a simple inspection.

Having an access ot this datas from Expertcare is a great tool for hoist maintenance program but also for predictive maintenance to avoid any possible failure of your production process which may generate additional cost. This new equipement will be helpfull too concerning SWP calculation and General Overhaul.

Technical characteristics

The system is made up of a Wifi modem enabling MT4 data to be read from the floor. The communication range between the modem and a reading device is 50m.

The ExpertCare 4.0 application enables the monitoring of faults and alarms, the remaining lifespan of the hoist, brake and contactors, the display of load, MT4 internal temperature and the operating time. Please note that MT4 settings can also be transferred by email.

Commercial Documentation
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