LOLER Examinations / Maintenance Packages

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LOLER Examinations / Maintenance Packages

Online Live Reporting

The aim of the game is to prevent your equipment from failure, this is a real game changer for our engineers and the asset owner.

ACDC have a Live Reporting Package; this is an easy to use on-line database for customers lifting equipment. It contains/can hold all information relating to the equipment including: details of work carried out; including images on defects maintenance sheets/forms site time records ability to attach manufactures certificates/drawings etc.

Our Database is ideal for anyone who is responsible for Lifting Equipment and Accessories: Health and Safety (LOLER) - a full instant access record to all your site Lifting Equipment maintenance reports and certificates by using a quick search.

This Software provides a quick overview of all Lifting Equipment’s condition quickly and easily find all your certificates in one place ACDC maintain all records for your equipment on-line, on secure servers which can also be uploaded to your computer. Each Asset will also have the capability to add you manufactures certificates, drawings to store them in one place and help increase breakdown speeds so engineers have fast access to them which in. effect saves you money.

LOLER Examinations / Maintenance Packages


InspectUs is a database that will hold all your assets, so any time ACDC Cranes Ltd performs a LOLER service inspection or attends a breakdown all information will be uploaded onto InspectUs.

You will be provided with a web site link and a user account, which will enable you to access information, this can be accessed via most common web browsers on any computer with internet access.

You can export reports and certificates when you need them, our software is exceptional in providing up to date information on outstanding issues on your assets.  Making your life so much easier to manage assets combined with ACDC Cranes professional advice.

On site mobile application

Each part works simultaneously, so we are able to identify and inspect your Lifting Assets on site.  All Issues are captured with complete evidence using our advanced mobile app.

LOLER Examinations / Maintenance Packages

InspectUs in the Cloud

Once all the data is delivered online to our system; an automated process scans the results and provides it for you to view all inspections in detail, produce complete reports and print off relevant certificates - using our Web Portal.

InspectUs Issues Management Tool

The whole process does not end there.  Understanding the needs of the industry we decided to go a step further and have provided web based InspectUs Issues Management Tool.

With this tool you will be able to make decisions and choose further actions against any outstanding issue straight on our Web Portal.

You will also be able to monitor further performed actions and produce Advanced Reports.

If you select request quote this automatically sends an email to ACDC management team who will get straight onto a proposal for you.

LOLER Examinations / Maintenance Packages

Export Reports & Certificates

With constant access to our database you can pick the best time for you.

  • To review all performed events
  • To check the status of each asset
  • To export LOLER Certificates
  • To export Detailed Inspection Reports
  • To combine required assets into a single report

It’s very easy to find your historic data and to have piece of mind.

All details are backed up on our servers, so you will never lose anything.

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