Lifting Equipment Inspections

Lifting Equipment Inspections

Our Site Engineers carry out statutory 6 monthly LOLER inspections to your lifting accessories, including chains, webbing slings, wire ropes, chain block, shackles and many more.

ACDC provide detailed reports and maintaining your company lifting accessory register, on our Online Live Database.

All work is carried out in accordance with the Lifting Operations & Lifting Equipment Regulations (L.O.L.E.R) 1998.

We work on a strict colour code tagging system so each period the operators know what’s been inspected and fit for use for the current period.

As part of the inspection the technicians may also recommend more appropriate attachments where needed to increase safety such as when a recurrent cause of defect appears.

We can also provide repairs and replacements for attachments that failed the inspection.

Lifting Equipment Inspections

Key Summary

Legal Information Key Notes; are you aware that you are responsible to have the following inspections in place:
1 Pre-Use Checks Pre-use checks should be carried out at the start of each shift. Required under LOLER 1998 & BS7121-2-1:2012
2 LOLER 1998 Inspection - Cranes Report of thorough inspection; LOLER 1998 regulation 9 requires cranes and supporting structures to be examined in the following circumstances:
Periodically whilst in service, at maximum intervals of 6 months for cranes that lift people and 12 months for cranes that lift goods only, LOLER regulation 9(3)(a)(i) and (ii)
3 LOLER 1998 Inspection - An accessory for lifting i.e. chains / slings Report of thorough inspection; periodically whilst in service, at maximum intervals of 6 months for, LOLER regulation 9(3)(a)(i)
4 In-Service Inspections In-service inspections and maintenance are carried out to ensure that components are repaired or replaced before they deteriorate to a point at which they could become unsafe. Planned preventative maintenance should be carried out in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions in compliance with LOLER 1998 section 9, 330 - 352, BS7121-2-1 2012 section 6.3 and PUWER section 5
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