Gantries VGI

Range of I-beam gantries for loads from 250 to 5000 kg

With this line of VERLINDE independent manual gantries, maintenance services, assembly teams and any artisan mechanic will be able to carry out mounting, dismounting operations, and position parts or assemblies.

Product presentation

This line of standard gantries is designed to receive all types of hoisting device. The VERLINDE gantry can be equipped with manual or electrically-powered chain tackle.

Technical characteristics

  • The extreme mobility and stability on all surfaces provided by means of four caster wheels fitted with ball bearings on the shafts and king pins. These
  • wheels formed from acetyl resin have excellent shock behaviour and ability to withstand attack by chemicals
  • The raceway is a weld-fabricated IPE profile designed to accommodate a lifting and traversing movement device, with two traversing breast-pieces. The unit is finished in RAL 1028 polyurethane lacquer. Fully dismountable, the VERLINDE independent gantries adapt to your need to make best use of workshop space
  • The gantry is delivered disassembled, together with its galvanized bolt work and takes little time to assemble and commission
  • A 3-piece dismounted weld fabricated package
  • The gantries can be moved loaded on a smooth, clean floor

Options available

  • Wheels locking device.
Commercial Documentation
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