Variator ASR

Lift speed control system for hoists and travelling cranes

This option enables hoist speed to be automatically adapted to the hook suspended load.

Product presentation

This recent feature allows lift speed and motor torque to be dissociated: speed - for the reduction of cycle time to enhance hoist station productivity when running empty, and motor torque - for lifting when loaded to ensure precision travel with a maximum power margin.

Product advantages

  • Up to 50% energy savings
  • Speed depending on load obtained automatically
  • Productivity and safety enhancement
  • Enhancement of load travel accuracy
  • Best return on investment
  • Optimal use of work space and of approach data of hook
  • Increased motor life span
  • Use of low amperage for crane power supply to reduce the cost of investment in power-feeding systems
  • Depending on standards and local tax systems, grants can be obtained within the framework of energy saving policies

Technical characteristics

Principle of operation
For the majority of uses with type A (ASR) motors (up to 35% of the nominal load), you can use the hoist with its nominal speed, or even beyond. This option makes it possible to automatically adapt the lifting speed according to the load on the hook.

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