Process duty open winch for loads from 6300 to 70000 kg

VERLINDE open winch family is now extended in term of duty group with the PDW. This range of open winches makes it possible to provide technical responses to your search of lifting unit with duty group from M6.

Technical characteristics

  • Large spectrum of lifting capacity (from 6,3 to 70 tonnes).
  • Hoisting speeds 10 m/min and 20 m/min (ESR speed for hoisting.)
  • True vertical lift, double girder trolley or fixed version or machinery only.
  • Trolley speed control (inverter for variable speed drive) from 20 m/min to 61 m/min.
  • Technical optimization of component design following modular design concept.
  • PDW is designed according to EN standards (rope safety factor is always 5) and target for heavy duty class when product is requested according to FEM standard, lifting capacity is de-rated to comply higher rope safety factor.
  • Reeving: 2 x 2 and 2 x 4 reeving’s available.
  • Built in standard features to enhance the safety: hoist condition monitoring device; Upper and lower, slow down and stop limits for hoist with weighted ultimate upper switch; Trolley and bridge travel slow down & stop limits; Safety features: over speed and overload protection.
  • PDW is equipped with ESR as standard.

Options available


  • Anti-condensation package, motors standby heating, electrics standby heating.
  • Second brake: Ready assembly surface for enclosed disc brake on the gear primary shaft.
  • Second brake: thruster operated disc brake.
  • Rope drum with deep groove.
  • Hardened rope drums.
  • Hardened rope sheaves.
  • Rope overwrap indication bar.
  • Rain covers.
  • Oil drip pans.
  • Rail brush assembly.
  • Storm lock device.
  • Anti-jump catches against earthquake, etc.
  • Buffer extensions.
  • Grease nipples to group.
  • Hydraulic buffers.
  • Hook block with Ramshorn forging .
  • Rotation lock of hook forging (4 x 90°).
  • Motorized hook.
  • Cable reel for lifting device.
  • Special painting for trolley and components.


  • Sway control (incl. encoder in the slow speed shaft of hoist gear).
  • Inching.
  • Micro speed.
  • Slack rope supervision (with loading device).
  • Hoisting synchronization (two or more main hoists).
  • Trolley anti-collision device between two trolleys.


  • Fixed service platform, one or two sides.


  • -20 °C to +55 °C temperature possible.
  • IP66 possible for humid or dusty environment.
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